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Ear Surgery

Ear Surgeries at Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center (R)

Following Ear Surgeries are available at Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center(R), Chitradurga.

--» Venitlation tube insertion (Grommet) for Glue ear.

--» Micro-ear surgery for Discharging Ear (Perforated ear drum and cholesteatoma).

--» Micro-ear Surgery for Otosclerosis.

--» Micro-ear Surgery for under-developed ears (Congential ear malformations).

--» Intratympanic Gentamycin Injection for Vertigo (Meniere's Disease).

--» Micro-ear Surgery for Facial Nerve Paralysis.

--» Micro-ear Surgery for tumors of the middle ear (Glomus tumor) and external ear.

--» Micro-ear Surgery for fixing Cochlear implants and Middle Ear Implants.

--» Fixing Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.


Our Infrastructure for Micro Ear Surgeries

--» Carl Zeiss Moven Microscope with Varioscope and Xenon light source.

--» Midas Rex, Kavo and Marathon Drill systems.

--» Nicholai facial nerve monitor.

--» Interacourstics Digital Audiometer.

--» Interacoustics Impedance audiometer.

--» Nicholai BSERA, ENG,EMG testing Machine.

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