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Surgical Techniques

Dr. Prahlada N.B's Original research surgical Techniques

1. Karnataka Flap for Mastoid Obliteration.

      * Awarded most prestigious Dr. RAF Cooper Award in 2001.

2. Extended tympanomeatal flap tympanoplasty.

3. Total Reconstruction of the tympanic membrane.

4. Chitradurga Flap for CSF Otorrhoea repair.

5. Biological TORP and PORP for Ossiculoplasty using Autogenous conchal cartilage.

6. Butterfly flap technqiue for repair Septal perforations.

7. Sand-witch therapy for Atrophic Rhinitis

8. Mastoid Obliteration using Conchal cartilage.

9. Problem oriented approach for Myringoplasty & Tympanoplasty

10. Flexible Septal Surgery

11. Correction of Caudal Septal Dislocations.

12. Anterior Tympanotomy for Adhesive Otitis Media.

13. Surgical management of Columnellar base widening causing nasal obstruction.

14. Posterior canal wall reconstruction using Concho-perochnodrial flap.

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