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11 Steps to Success in Tympanoplasty Surgery

11 Steps to Success in Tympanoplasty Surgery

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The money you pay for our educational material goes to our Project Ear Care, under which we perform free Micro Ear Surgeries to poor and needy patients of the world and in training junior ENT surgeons under our Short term and long term fellowship training programs. Please buy these CD/DVDs and support our humanitarian programs.


This motivational CD-Rom has a self launching power point presentation which includes pictures, audio and video and is prepared to motivate junior surgeons to take up otologic surgery and master them. A must for everyone who is interested in Otology.


Sample Slides



Text: Slide 14: Coming to the magnitude of Ear problems in India, 7% of Indian population has some ear problem which ultimately leads to deafness. Of these, nearly 90% of patients have middle ear infections, and as you are aware, life threatening complications of middle ear infections are still high in India. According to our experience, about 35% of these patients have bilateral middle ear disease. If we take our present population into consideration, that is awesome 11 Crore ears have ear problems. That means, even if all ENT Surgeons in India perform Micro Ear Surgeries, each surgeon will get to do nearly 22,000 surgeries. That is one big market with great potential to earn lot of money and at the same time help lot of people with such problems.


Text: Slide 20: Your goals should be worthy. What is a worthy goal. We call them SMART goals. This is a mnemonic and each letter stands for an important word.

S stands for Specific. Your goal should be specific. You cannot slog on for something which is vague. My goal was to master middle ear surgeries in one year.

M stands for Measurable. You need a yard to stick to measure your progress. Results of your surgeries are a best yard stick.

A stands for Achievable. Do not put your hands on something which is not achievable.

R stands for Realistic. Your goals should be realistic. Do not ask for the moon.

T stands for Time bound. You should have clear time frame for your goals. You cannot go on working towards one goal for ever and ever.


Text: Slide 24: I would like to stress about another management terminology here. That is SIX SIGMA. Six sigma advocates DMAIC. That is Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. This is the essence of Total Quality Management. When you have a problem at your hand, define it, measure the extent of the problem, analyze and fix it. Once you fix it improve upon it and once you have reached a stage which provides you good results, control it. The total situation should be totally under your control. Practice six sigma. Read more about it.


Text: Slide 36: Approach: Even though the tympanoplasty can be done through trans-canal, end-aural or post-aural approaches, one should use the approach according to the situation. "Every intra-op surgical decision needs to be custom-made to the individual patient's needs and the surgeon's capabilities and facilities. Surgeon must avoid fitting their patients to their surgical techniques. On the contrary, we must adjust our surgical choices to fit each patient's situation needs. Multiple choices may have to be considered before each patient is offered a particular type of surgery, and surgeons need to be prepared to change their techniques accordingly and competently. "

Various approaches at our disposal are:
1. Trans-canal
2. Endo-meatal
3. End-aural
4. Post-aural



Text: Slide 48: Video of Making End-aural incisions. Click over the video to play and watch the End-aural incisions being made and elevation of Keorner's flap. If video does not play, you can explore the CD/DVD and play the video in Power DVD or Windows Media Player applications.



Text: Slide 76 : Be a CLASS of your own. CLASS stands for:

C - Caring. Always care for your patients and their feelings. Be passionate about your work and be compassionate about your patients and colleagues.

L - Learning. Learning is a never ending process for a medical professional. Remember "Kaizen", the daily progressive improvement.

A - Achieving. Make goals and work hard to achieve them. Reward yourself whenever you achieve something or reach a goal.

S - Sharing. Share your success with your family, friends and foes! Teach others what you learned. Never keep the knowledge for yourself. Knowledge is to be shared, not hidden. If you share, every one will praise you when you are gone, if you keep it with yourself, it will be buried or burnt along with you. Today we are able practice one of the highest qualities of surgery and medicine because someone shared, published, taught and demonstrated.

S - Social Responsibility. Remember you always owe a lot to the society from whom you are making a living. Give something to the society from which you have learned and earned.


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