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Skull Base

World class operating infrastructure, excellent professionals, along with Dr Prahlada N B's 25+ years experience.

Types of
Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery Facilities at Karnataka ENT Hospital & Research Center(R), Chitradurga.

  • Extensive middle ear tumor (Glomus) Surgery.
  • Surgery for Acoustic Neuroma.
  • Surgery for Vertigo.
  • Surgery for Other Skull Base Tumors.

Our Infrastructure

Our World-Class Surgical Infrastructure for Skull Base Surgeries

  • Karl Storx Unipolar and Bipolar Cautery.
  • Carl Zeiss Moven Microscope with Varioscope and Xenon light source.
  • Midas Rex, Kavo and Marathon Drill systems.
  • Nicholai facial nerve monitor.