Otology Fellowship is now available


World class operating infrastructure, excellent professionals, along with Dr Prahlada N B's 25+ years experience.

Types of
Throat Surgeries

Following Throat Surgeries are available at Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center(R), Chitradurga.

  • Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery Microscopic
  • Voice Box Surgery Surgery for Voice disorders
  • Surgery for Neck and Laryngeal trauma
  • Surgery for Laryngeal and tracheal stenosis (Narrowing)

Our Infrastructure

Our World-Class Surgical Infrastructure for Throat Surgeries

  • Karl Storz Flexible Video Laryngo-bronchoscopy
  • Pentax Flexible Video Oesophagoscopy
  • Karl Storx Rigid Optical Laryngoscope
  • Karl Storz Videostroboscope
  • Karl Storz Adult and Paediatric Bronchoscope