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Special Clinics

Special Clinics for various types of ENT problems, including 'Snoring and OSAS Clinic' are available at Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center(R). Special Clinics offers effective treatment for various kinds of allergies as well as for Snoring problems. Special Clinics include Cancer Clinic, Allergy Clinic and Snoring & OSAS Clinic.

Allergy Clinic
  • Well equipped "Allergy Clinic" to treat patients with allergic reactions.
Cancer Clinic
  • "Cancer Clinic" facility to treat patients with various Cancer types
Snoring Clinic
  • "Snoring Clinic" facility for patients having Snoring Problems.
Voice Clinic
  • "Voice Clinic" facility to treat Speech Disorder related problems.
Nose & Sinus Clinic
  • Nose & Sinus related problems are treated at "Nose & Sinus Clinic"
Vertigo Clinic
  • "Vertigo Clinic" facility at Karnataka ENT Hospital & Research Center (R).