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Total Reconstruction of the Tympanic Membrane

Total Reconstruction of the Tympanic Membrane

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In this technique entire Tympanic Membrane remnant along with Annulus are excised the large Temporalis fascia graft is used reconstruction neo-tympanic membrane.


This Technique is useful in conditions where entire tympanic membrane has to be excised and a neo-tympanic membrane has to be reconstructed. Indications for this technqiue are:

1. Total or subtotoal perforations.
2. Epithelium grown over the undersurface of the tympanic membrane through the perforation.
3. Mucus membrane grown over the outer surface of the tympanic membrane through theperforation. If this the mucus membrane remains over the outer suface, the constant mucus section causes life long severe itching, myringitis and otitis externa.
4. Choleasteatoma.
5. Myringosclerosis.
6. Adhesive otitis media.
7. Hyperectatic tympanic membrane where tympanic membrane is thin and atrophic.


  • Trilayered Neo-tymapnic membrane.
  • Easy to perform and easy to reproduce.
  • Good graft uptake rate.
  • Better hearing results.

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