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Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center is not just a healthcare provider, but an esteemed institution dedicated to the propagation of knowledge and clinical skills in the field of Otolaryngology. We offer an array of educational opportunities tailored to the evolving needs of the medical community, nurturing the next generation of clinicians and surgeons.

Our programs range from comprehensive residencies and fellowships to ongoing medical education initiatives. The residency programs are meticulously designed to cultivate adept practitioners well-versed in the most contemporary aspects of ENT care. The fellowships, both short-term and long-term, provide intensive, hands-on training in subspecialties, fostering mastery in complex procedures under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

We firmly believe in the power of practice and hands-on learning. To this end, we conduct regular workshops that utilize high-fidelity simulations and cadavers for a true-to-life learning experience. These workshops provide rare opportunities to refine surgical techniques in a controlled environment.

For clinicians seeking to update their knowledge, we host live surgical workshops, courses, and conferences. These platforms bring together the best minds in the field to discuss and demonstrate the latest advancements in ENT care.

At Karnataka ENT Hospital and Research Center, we remain committed to sharing our expertise, fostering a learning environment that empowers medical professionals to push the boundaries of patient care.

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