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1. Clinical

  • The fellowship will provide structured clinical opportunities for fellows to develop advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and surigcall skills.
  • A sufficient number and variety of cases will be available for each fellow to assure adequate exposure to the broad range of conditions      associated with the management of General Otolaryngolgical problems. At the end of the fellowship, the fellow will have had a cumulative experience as operating or teaching surgeon on at least 80-100 cases.

2. Research

An active research component will enhance and compliment the educational experience. Although the clinical experience is essential, a supervised research experience is expected.

3. Fundamental components of the fellowship

  • The fellow must participate in the evaluation, management, and care of a minimum of 300 cases.
  • Participation in surgical procedures, representing the full scope of Otology and lateral skull base surgery.
  • Participation in outpatient procedures performed in the clinic.
  • Intensive exposure to the interdisciplinary management of patients.
  • Participation in the development and implementation of research.

4. Fellowship clinical curriculum

The fellowship will provide clinical and/or didactic exposure to:

  • Evaluation of the patients.
  • Performance of various OPD procedures.
  • Performance and Interpretation of various diagnostic investigative procedures.
  • Manage General Otorhinolaryngology emergencies.
  • Perform various General Otorhinolaryngology procedures.

5. Clinical exposure and responsibility (5 day/week):

  • Attend specialty clinics (Sinus clinic, Allergy clinic & Headache Clinic)
  • Attend Consultant’s clinics (1/2 day per week)
  • Conduct Sinus and Allergy clinics(1 day/wk)

6. Teaching responsibility:

  • Lecture to Undergraduate students -12 Hours/yr
  • Assist in conducting practical exams – 2/yr
  • Presentation of Grand Rounds -12/yr
  • Presentation of hospital rounds -12/yr
  • Assist in teaching temporal bone dissection course for residents -12/yr
  • Assist in running temporal bone dissection course (CME) – 2/yr

7. Research Responsibility:

  • Four clinical projects in areas of General Otorhinolaryngology.
  • Minimum of 2 presentations at Regional or National Event.
  • One day per week dedicated research time.

8. Call Responsibility:

  • First call – only in case of special situations of General Otorhinolaryngology emergencies.
  • Second Call – Occasional nights and weekends for Consultants.

9. Resource Persons:

  • Dr. Prahlada N.B. 

10. Resource Facilities:

  • Cadaver dissection facilities- at Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital.
  • Library with all Contemporary Publications.


Indian Students are following honorarium depending on their basic Otorhinolaryngology degree:

DLO :   Rs. 50,000/-
MS / DNB :   Rs. 75,000/-
Free accommodation in the hospital premises.

Fellowship Site 

Karnataka ENT Hospital & Research Center (R) , 
Basava Bhavana, Bheemasamudra Road, 
Dhavalagiri Extension, Chitradurga- 577501,
Karnataka, INDIA.

Supervisor – Dr Prahlada N B

One of the best ENT Surgeon, with over 29 Years of Experience in the OtoRhinoLaryngology field. 

For application details please contact:

Dr. Prahlada N. B
Mob: +91-9342310854.
Email: prahladnb@gmail.com.