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Rhinology short-term hands-on training programme.

In the dynamic and continually evolving field of Otorhinolaryngology, professionals must stay ahead by continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge. Addressing this crucial need, we are delighted to introduce our Short-Term Rhinology Hands-On Training Program. This program, specifically designed for ENT specialists, offers a comprehensive 30-day curriculum to provide advanced training in the sub-specialty of Rhinology.

Program Overview

The training is structured into three levels, each focusing on distinct skills and techniques essential in Rhinology:

  • Level 1 is centered on foundational procedures such as Septoplasty, inferior turbinectomy, and other basic rhinological surgeries.
  • Level 2 progresses to basic functional endoscopic sinus surgery involving maxillary and ethmoidal sinuses.
  • Level 3 delves into advanced endoscopic sinus surgery techniques, encompassing sphenoid and frontal sinuses.

This tiered approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience, allowing participants to build upon their skills systematically.

Program Duration and Structure

The program extends over a period of 30 days, balancing intensive learning with a manageable schedule. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience, resulting in a well-rounded educational journey. This format is specifically designed for participants to gain deep insights and hands-on practice in Rhinology, enhancing their surgical skills and clinical understanding.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Targeted at postgraduates in Otorhinolaryngology, the program is suitable for those holding MS, DLO, or DNB qualifications. Essential prerequisites include basic skills in using microscopes or endoscopes, crucial tools in Rhinology procedures. Understanding the demanding nature of medical professionals’ schedules, the program offers flexible enrollment, with training sessions planned on mutually convenient days.

Training Approach: The Kaizen Method

The program adopts the Kaizen method, focusing on continuous improvement and incremental skill development. This training philosophy ensures that participants achieve steady progress and retain their acquired knowledge and skills effectively.

Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate, acknowledging their enhanced skills and expertise in Rhinology. This certification serves as a testament to their professional growth and dedication to advancing in their field.

International Participation

We warmly welcome international participants, which adds a valuable dimension of diversity and global perspective to the learning experience. Foreign candidates are required to comply with registration requirements of the National Medical Council to ensure they meet the high standards of the training program.


Our Short-Term Rhinology Hands-On Training Program offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for ENT specialists to refine their expertise in the field of Rhinology. Combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge, and delivered through an effective training methodology, this program is an ideal platform for professional growth and development, catering to both local and international ENT professionals.

For registration details please contact:

Dr. Prahlada N. B
Mob: +91-9342310854
Email: prahladnb@gmail.com.