The drchrono app encompasses a suite of award-winning medical reference guides and decision-support tools for healthcare professionals across various specialties. It is certified as a complete EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. drchrono serves as an EHR, medical API, and practice management platform. The app is offered at no cost and features customizable medical forms for point-of-care usage. The platform is accessible on Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and via the web.

Common Features of drchrono:

The drchrono app boasts a range of functionalities, including scheduling, documentation, and integration with all U.S. labs. Users are assigned a fax number to facilitate faxing in and out from iPad and the web. The app enables messaging between your team, other physicians, and patients as needed. It provides Mayo Clinic educational material, real-time patient eligibility checks, medical speech-to-text conversion, macro buttons, business intelligence, live claim status updates, medical billing templates, credit card processing, and medical billing services connected within the United States for claim submissions. The app also supports the drawing of clinical notes on an iPad, enhancing the provision of X-rays, files, and diagrams. Additionally, the iPad’s built-in cameras can be used to take pictures and embed them directly into a patient’s record. Prescriptions can be sent electronically via iPhone, iPad, and the web.

Primary Features of drchrono:

• The app is an essential tool for every healthcare provider, enabling practice anywhere, anytime.

• It boasts a user-friendly interface. Simply download the app, and you can begin using the EHR within moments.

• It provides a safe and secure platform for accessing medical details, adhering to every industry-standard security practice.

• drchrono is an innovative and efficient point-of-care solution that enhances the healthcare practice experience.

• The app seamlessly manages all scheduling, medical billing, and clinical requirements for the user.

Prof. Dr. Prahlada N.B
20 January 2019

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