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  • Bend it like Nolan, Part -4

    Surgical mastery is 75 percent Mindset, 25 percent handwork! Why do we need innovative learning methods? The truth is no matter how successful surgeons we become, there is always another level or something we haven’t learned or mastered. This is more so with specialities…

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  • Bend it like Nolan – Part 3

    I am still under the spell of Christopher’s Nolan’s Inception. A powerful dialogue by the protagonist COBB has smitten me. That is, “The seed of the idea we plant will grow in this man’s mind. It’ll change him. It might even come…

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  • Bend it like Nolan – Part 2

    Bend it like Nolan – Part 2

    “If you dream it, you can do it.” Scene: A ROADSIDE CAFE IN PARIS. COBB: They say we only use a fraction of our brains’ true potential… but that’s when we’re awake. While we dream, the mind performs wonders.  ARIADNE:…

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  • Bend it like Nolan! – Part 1

    I have this condition. A condition? – Yes, it’s my memory. Amnesia? – No, no, it’s different from that. I have no short-term memory. I know all about myself, but since my injury, I can’t create new memories. Everything fades. If…

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