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What if, like most of us, your determination is anything but unstoppable? What if you’re not naturally driven to turn every good intention into action immediately? What if, like many who aspire to success, you sometimes – maybe even often – know precisely what you should do but still procrastinate, do it without the necessary enthusiasm and energy, or never get around to doing it at all?

What can we do about this? How do we make ourselves do the things we know we should do but don’t feel like doing? Are we merely doomed to settle for less success?

These are questions we often ask ourselves and are echoed by Ivan Misner, the founder of Business Network International (BNI), in the foreword. This book, “The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It or Not)” is written by Steve Levinson and Chris Cooper. Steve Levinson, Ph.D., is an experienced clinical psychologist, and Chris Cooper is a business consultant. Although a rare combination, they are both accomplished keynote speakers and motivators.

I have read several such books during my formative years, as well as throughout my professional life. I have multiple interests and hobbies. Unfortunately, I am successful in only about 70% of my goals due to a lack of focus on specific objectives, and I easily get sidetracked by mundane activities. Hence, I continuously look for solutions to “follow through” on my intentions and get things done. I bought this book because it was one of the top 100 books in the year 2017, and it was a pleasant surprise as well as a kind of self-gift for me. It is one of the few books that I have read in one sitting.

The book is written in a simple and precise language, as it claims to be. It’s effortless to read, with multiple ideas and real human examples to help us “follow through” on our objectives. Many of the ideas I had already come across and adopted. However, this book dispelled some of my false beliefs. Like many, I thought if we have willpower, we can easily “follow through.” Yet, I have failed many times to complete tasks, even with strong willpower. This book clarified that merely having willpower is not enough; we should know how to apply it!

The book provides several excellent ideas for us to “follow through” and succeed. These suggestions are vital for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. The idea I liked most was “locking ourselves in a cage” until we finish those tasks. Now, I have created a special “Follow through” corner in my home/office and use my coffee/tea breaks to sit there, glued, and achieve my goals. I also use the “Burning the bridge” technique, where I create a situation in which there is no alternative but to accomplish that particular endeavor. What if I still fail?

Ah, I have the best technique. I tell my wife if I fail to complete certain tasks, I will take her out for shopping, dinner, or a ride! She is like an alarm now! Her constant vigilance helps me to follow through. You can find many such ideas in this excellent book.

Prof. Dr. Prahlada N. B
20 January 2019

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