Thank you” is a simple yet powerful phrase that can work wonders, but unfortunately, it is rarely said! Among the ten principles the author has outlined, “Say thank you every chance you get” stands out as a powerful strategy for success in any endeavor.

“O Great One!” by David Novak is the fifth page-turner I have read in the last four days. I couldn’t put it down from the moment I started reading it this morning. It even interrupted my morning Yoga and Pranayama schedule. I read it in the operating theater, I read it while walking home, climbing stairs, and even during outpatient visits in between patients. It made me realize how easily we can become authoritarian and forget to acknowledge people from all walks of life, thereby failing to achieve the desired results. Abraham Maslow had long ago postulated and demonstrated the importance of recognition and appreciation through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Every individual, regardless of their age, gender, caste, creed, or position, deserves recognition and appreciation for their contributions to various aspects of our lives. Yet, we often fail to acknowledge them.

The author presents ten golden principles for recognizing our family members, colleagues, and employees in our organizations to strengthen family bonds, enhance performance, and achieve better results, all through an excellent story. It’s a captivating read and a must-read for every entrepreneur, those looking to improve family relationships, and anyone aiming to build better companies. I highly recommend this inspirational book to everyone. Learn the principles of OGO and succeed in whatever you do!

Prof. Dr. Prahlada N. B
02 January 2019

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