Very few people, particularly those with a background in Business Administration, consider writing as their career path. Even fewer achieve notable success with their debut literary works. Two contemporaries who have carved out their destinies in the literary world are Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal. They have not only made it big but have also become prolific authors, producing books successively, akin to a well-oiled machine. They are perfect examples of dreaming big, achieving those dreams, and thus forging their own destinies. These are the two authors I have followed closely ever since their initial publications. Both are alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, yet they have excelled in their respective genres. Chetan Bhagat has gained fame in ‘Fiction’, while Rashmi Bansal has made her name in ‘Non-fiction’. Bhagat has branched out as a columnist, screenwriter, television personality, and motivational speaker. Conversely, Bansal has thrived as an entrepreneur, youth expert, editor, and blogger. Despite their diverse career paths, one commonality is their focus on the “Youth“.

I have no hesitation in expressing my particular fondness for Rashmi Bansal’s books for their motivational content. Her debut book, “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”, captivated me with its passionate storytelling about 25 fellow IIM Ahmedabad alumni. These individuals, chosen for their unique journeys, embraced the rugged path of entrepreneurship and became key players in India’s business landscape. They hailed from varied backgrounds, ages, and industries, yet all made significant marks in the nation. Since reading her book in 2009, I have kept tabs on these leaders, and as of today, over 90% are thriving, with companies like Educomp, Royal Orchid Hotels, MakeMyTrip, and Edelweiss Capital continuing to expand.

What I admire about Bansal’s writing is her methodical approach, backed by thorough research and effort. “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” is strategically divided into three sections: ‘Believers‘, ‘Opportunists’, and those with an ‘Alternate Vision‘, categorizing achievers based on how they carved out their niche markets. Each chapter, dedicated to an achiever, begins with a compelling title, followed by a succinct introduction, a one-page biography highlighting their life and accomplishments, and an in-depth personal interview detailing their entrepreneurial journey. This structure has become Rashmi Bansal’s signature style. The trials, tribulations, and triumphs encountered by these entrepreneurs are laid out, offering immense motivational value for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Even a decade after its publication, “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” remains a bestseller among Indian authors. I have devoured all of her books and remain hungry and foolish for more. With at least eight additional titles to her name, “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” serves as an excellent starting point for interested readers.

Prof. Dr. Prahlada N.B
7 March 2019

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