Messi won the FIFA 2022 world cup.  Even more than that, he won the people’s heart world over.  He has a quintessential story depicting how we can have a big audacious goal (BAG) and still win it.    Messi will leave a great legacy behind.  

All of us have the same potential.  

All of us have the same ambitions.  

All of us have the same opportunities.  

All of us have same amount of time available.  

Yet some people like Messi become “SO GOOD” at their craft and many do not.  


If we carefully observe Messi’s game, it was more of a teamwork.  Specifically in semi-finals against Croatia, he dribbled the ball for nearly 60 seconds close to goal post, until his teammates take their positions.  Instead of himself trying to score a goal, he lets his teammates do the honors.  Following FIFA world cup, more than videos of his goals, the videos of his celebration with his family is viral on social media.   And that is Messi’s support system. 

If we want to achieve big with our BAG, we need an impeccable support system.  It is also our premium crowd, our dream team, which follows us closely during our journey towards our legacy.  It is often said, “Charity begins at home.” Similarly, our “support system also begins at our own homes.”  They are the ones, who believe in our BAGs, however crazy they are.  They are the best critics.  They are the best counselors.  Most of us have first-hand experience of that.  Instead of extending this blog to my customary target to 800 words, I am sharing the one that I wrote on 21/12/2002 –  A story of most of us! Often we resist sharing!  You can read at this link. 

Wishing you all A Merry Christmas & Happy holidays!

Prof. Dr. Prahlada N.B

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